On Monday I left the campsite at the Nevados de Sollipulli, not as cold as the previous morning but it was gloves on and steady head for the descent (I had to walk some sections even downhill). From where I was, to head south to Pucòn it made more sense to cross into Argentina and … Continue reading Argentina!


Nevados de Sollipulli

I left the campsite at Laguna Conguillío on Saturday morning ready to descend on the road to Melipeuco. A very mixed bag! The first 6 km are fairly flat and downhill on very soft sand that was pretty insidious at times; picking up speed is tempting but dangerous as it takes a split second to … Continue reading Nevados de Sollipulli

Parque Nacional Conguillío

I left Victoria on Wednesday morning, it was cold and misty, almost foggy. The cooler conditions suited me as the road to Curacautín was all uphill, and I knew from the day before the sun was likely to break the clouds around 10.30 or 11. Which it did, allowing me to glimpse the mountains of … Continue reading Parque Nacional Conguillío

Concepción to Victoria

Dichato a Concepción I woke up in Dichato last Friday ready to hit good tarmac after the first 3 km from the campsite. The route to Concepción was short but hard work. Firstly, a few steep hills along to Tomé and Penco. Secondly, from Tomé it was pretty much mostly motorway-like, with a good shoulder … Continue reading Concepción to Victoria

Cauquenes, Curanipe, Cobquecura y la Ruta del Mar

Monday: Cauquenes I left the campsite at the Altos del Lircay heading down the gravel road I rode on the way up. Annoyingly, I couldn't go that fast and had to keep concentrated the whole time to avoid sandy bits, bumps and big stones, especially on shady sections where terrain asperities aren't that obvious. Going … Continue reading Cauquenes, Curanipe, Cobquecura y la Ruta del Mar

Talca and the first flat tire

Yesterday I left Laguna Torca headed towards the city of Talca, but not really aiming for it as it would have been 130 km with a lot of cuestas (passes) to cross. Luckily it was all tarmac as some unsurfaced bits have been surfaced recently. Going around Lago Vichuquén was hard work, a lot of … Continue reading Talca and the first flat tire